GTA4 Theme for Google Chrome 1.1

Put images and colors from your favorite rogue game on your PC

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    for Google Chrome 1.1

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.0 (227)

If you enjoyed playing through the life and crimes of Niko Bellic in GTA 4, you’re online experience will not be complete without the GTA 4 Theme for Google Chrome. Supported by Windows 7 and absolutely free, this theme will bring back all your wonderful gameplay memories. Created with simplicity in mind, this is not the usual loud theme that many fan themes have. It is a subtle nod to Niko and the entire Grand Theft Auto world. If you are a fan of the series or only ever played this installment, this theme is a hard one to pass up.

To install, simply click the install button through the Chrome web store, and after a brief download, your theme is ready to go. It displays a single image of Niko at the dock standing behind his car with a door open and the hood popped. In the distance across the water, the sun sets on Liberty City, bathing the image in a vibrant golden hue. This image covers the entire back section of the Google Chrome window. The selected tabs are of a similar golden hue as the sky while the unselected tabs are a lighter gold to stand out a bit more. The window frame is a brushed chrome look with an orange-gold color and displays the GTA 4 logo in white letters with the recognizable thick black outline just slightly off center. The navigation buttons are black with either white or gray symbols dependent on the type of button. When a website is visited, only the top remains golden as the image gives way to the site that you are visiting, making it an unobtrusive addition to browsing the net.

Though the image is not fully HD--being fan made--it is still a great captured moment that really brings out the soul of GTA 4. The biggest issue is that the golden color can make the tab text a bit difficult to read, but with such a simple install and uninstall process, there is no reason not to try out the GTA 4 Theme to see if it is right for you. With a great rating from all its downloaders, this is a great choice for all GTA lovers out there. By using the outline of Liberty City, this GTA theme is more than just for lovers of that installment, it is a theme for lovers of the series. Download it today, and relive the game.


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  • Easy install


  • Difficult to read tab text

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